Why We Worry Less When Clients Use the Microsoft Cloud

onedrive-logo-thing-590x330Some of the prospects we come across are still apprehensive about moving their business systems entirely to the cloud. They feel more comfortable and in control, knowing their data is close by in a server room they can hear and see. For us, it is just the opposite. We take a lot of comfort knowing that client data is safely in the Microsoft Cloud.  Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • With the Microsoft Cloud, we don’t need to worry about things that could unexpectedly go wrong such as power problems, physical security of the servers, hard drive or other hardware failures, IT staff who fail to keep things patched and upgraded.
  • With systems today, multiple server and software products are used and connected together to keep users productive. With the Microsoft Cloud, we don’t have to think about keeping things going when one of these products needs to get upgraded. Microsoft handles that for us. They also handle backups, and guarantee your up-time.
  • Microsoft’s current policy is to ship new features into their cloud version before they ship to their premise versions.
  • On top of all that, Microsoft is charging a premium now for premise-based licenses.

When you combine that with the cost of having IT people responsible for patches and upgrades, you get a pretty compelling business case to move things to the cloud.

Contact FIELDBOSS for all your cloud-based questions.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials Positioning Pivot

ms-dynamics-365-demoMicrosoft recently changed the positioning of Dynamics 365 Financials, their new accounting software solution. Launched in November 2016, Microsoft originally positioned D365 Financials as a more robust and low cost alternative to QuickBooks. Six months later, Microsoft has done a complete positioning pivot. Microsoft has announced that Dynamics 365 Financials will be a cloud-based derivative of Dynamics NAV, which is a very strong mid-market accounting solution. Dynamics 365 Financials will target companies with 10-500 employees, with very fast configuration features at a low monthly user subscription cost. Microsoft is targeting Q4 2017 for feature parity with Dynamics NAV, which will include strong capabilities in the areas of distribution, manufacturing, and numerous features for multi-location and multi-entity accounting and business intelligence.

Contact FIELDBOSS to answer all your D365 Financials questions.

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happy-holidayFIELDBOSS had an incredible year, with some epic achievements.

  1. Our second version is out and it’s fantastic. We added a lot of new functionality, cleaned up the design and improved our mobile solution.
  2. We can implement our out-of-the-box solution faster than ever so if you are sitting on an old quote, we recommend you call us for an updated one.
  3. For elevator contractors, we now have configurable inspection and violation tracking so you can all stay on top of those dates and stay away from those fines.

FIELDBOSS Product 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. More out-of-the-box reports.
  2. New ways to track health & safety, and training. We are pretty excited about this because they are easy fixes for big headaches.
  3. Enhanced scheduling for companies with complex scheduling needs.
  4. Updates to the service activity form.

FIELDBOSS Staff 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Get those time sheets in before the Friday quitting time horn goes off.
  2. Tweet less under the table during company meetings.
  3. Get through the year without needing a cell phone screen repair.
  4. Never miss a bug bash.
  5. Come up with much more clever Skype for Business what’s happening today status lines.
  6. Ride shotgun with a client field tech.

All of us at FIELDBOSS want to wish you and your families a healthy and prosperous 2016!

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Legal Defense Issues for Elevator Contractors

downloadRecently, Elevator World Magazine featured an excellent article on legal defense issues for elevator contractors written by John Tateossian, who is a New York based elevator industry insurance specialist. The article explains the liability issues contractors face (in plain English) as well as some tips contractors can use to protect themselves when entering into contracts.

FIELDBOSS Elevator Contractor Management can greatly reduce the stress associated with such claims. Because our system tracks every activity related to an elevator, any contractor can compile the complete service activity history, parts history and customer engagement against that elevator. With FIELDBOSS Elevator Contractor Management Software, the onerous time it once took to compile defense files is a thing of the past. And with tighter connections to the guys in the field, the risk of something going wrong goes down dramatically.

For more information on FIELDBOSS, contact us here. 



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The Cost of Dynamics CRM Online vs CRM On-Premise

Cloud-vs-on-premiseWhat is the cost of Dynamics CRM online vs CRM on-premise? Before answering the “Dynamics CRM online versus CRM on-premise” question for your organization, you should first determine how complex your needs are. The following factors often influence our customers decision:


Premise deployments are highly configurable and can be as secure as you want them to be. But security flexibility comes at a price, as companies will incur significantly more labour costs as well as the ongoing cost of SSL certificates. With CRM Online, the entire system is secure by default. Refer to the Microsoft Trust Center to read about all the different ways CRM Online is compliant with government legislation.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is much easier to administrate as everything can be managed from one console.


When it comes to reporting, CRM Online is less flexible. For most companies, the bulk of their business intelligence needs can be met from a combination of CRM dashboards, PowerBI and Excel Online Integration. On-premise deployments will leverage CRM dashboards, views, and SQL Reporting Services that take advantage of report account context and pre-filtering tools. CRM Online’s Fetch XML is not as good.


While the core CRM functionality can be considered to be equivalent between the two deployment options, CRM Online gets new functionality earlier and generally has more additional features. The upcoming CRM Online Carina release includes greater immersive Excel integration, One Note integration, customizable themes, and improved mobile capabilities. These features are not available for CRM on-premise.

Trouble Shooting

CRM on-premise is much easier to troubleshoot as administrators can run a SQL trace or check event logs at will. All Online administrators users can do is contact Microsoft support for assistance. With the upcoming move to Azure CRM, users will soon be able to take advantage of both worlds.


For most companies, the cost advantages of CRM Online outweigh the benefits of CRM on-premise. To learn what version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is best suited for you, contact us.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Update

Microsoft is currently scheduling the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online update 1 upgrade process for October or November. This update is for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015. Companies who wish to take advantage of the new features sooner can reschedule to an earlier date.

In the past, Microsoft had a lot of complaints about how quickly Microsoft Dynamics CRM upgrades were being offered to customers. Most companies wanted to push the upgrades out to a later date to reduce the risk of update issues. Microsoft responded by scheduling current updates further out from the release of the update. Because this new CRM Online update is within the same software framework, the update is considered to be less risky, resulting in companies complaining that the updates are scheduled too far out.

Microsoft has been reasonable accommodating upgrade dates. It is important to schedule the non-production environment upgrade first. New flexibility around scheduling upgrades and refreshing the non-production environments now makes being online as easy as being on premise. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online updates contact us here.

The improved Navigation for CRM 2015 Update 1

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CRM Online Integration with One Note and Excel


onenote-amazon-app-store-100361701-largeWe have received a few questions from our customers about the CRM online integration with one note and Excel.

CRM Online can be integrated with OneNote Online by linking to the OneNote record and Excel Online spreadsheets can be live updated to CRM Online. It is important that companies set a policy as to what kind of data should be stored in OneNote vs CRM Online. Keep in mind there is no way to control user data within OneNote.

Both the One Note integration and the Excel Online integration are not available for CRM premise deployments.

For more information on CRM Online integration, contact us. 

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Reducing The Stress and Risk of Litigation

litigationIt is a fact of life that some of the people you do business with, be they customers, employees or suppliers, are going to sue you. Or they may threaten you with some sort of litigation. Whatever the claim, the threat of litigation is completely stress inducing to owners of contractor organizations. It is also expensive and can be demoralizing on the other people you work and live with.

Luckily, companies using FIELDBOSS can deal with litigation or the threat of litigation better than most. FIELDBOSS clients have a lot more control over these threats because the fundamental benefit of FIELDOBOSS is that all the data and knowledge of the organization’s customers, suppliers, staff, and equipment is connected, documented, and readily accessible. That means producing documentation to defend yourself can be compiled quickly, and cost effectively. This allows you to make strong defences against challenges easy, on target, and sends an early message they might want to think twice before they take you on.

FIELDBOSS is an activity based system. That means that everything going on in your business, such as service activities, phone calls, emails, pictures are logged against a service call, maintenance procedure or installation project. A detailed claim defence file that is quickly turned around to the other side’s lawyers will start conversations about ‘do we really want to do this?’

With FIELDBOSS, your business risk is lower, and that means you should be able to relax a little more, with more energy and head space to focus on the things that matter.

For more information or for a demo of how the FIELDBOSS solution can help your business, please contact us here.

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Microsoft Reorganization and The Impact On FIELDBOSS Customers

microsoft-130624With the upcoming Microsoft Year end on June 30 Microsoft has reorganized, as they frequently do at this time of year. Yesterday, we learned that Microsoft moved the Dynamics development teams (the only group not impacted in the last reorganization) to the Cloud and Enterprise group.  COO Kevin Turner is taking over the Dynamics Sales and Partner Organization of Dynamics.

Here are two interpretations about these changes

  1. Kevin Turner has a reputation as an extremely capable operations person and one of the strongest leaders Microsoft has. He has unique execution and product management capabilities so we are expecting renewed energy and innovation around how Microsoft’s engages with Dynamics Customers.
  1. Splitting Dynamics engineering from sales and partner management means that Dynamics software will be better integrated into Microsoft’s focus. Which is building infrastructure and business services such as data and analytic products, security and management offerings, and the business processes solutions we sell. This change should enable Microsoft to accelerate their ERP and CRM engineering work and mainstream them as part of the core engineering and innovation efforts across all products.

We are excited that these changes will assist and accelerate how FIELDBOSS services all contractors on our business management software platform.

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FIELDBOSS Productivity Improvements and Staff Wages

social-media-roiFor companies who implement FIELDBOSS, a significant component of the ROI is from productivity gains realized by streamlining business process combined with staff’s ability to be more responsive and reactive using real time information available to them. These benefits accrue once the organization is operating in a steady state, with staff self-sufficient on the system. What happens to wages when the staff become more productive?


One place for answers can be found in the new book, Learning by Doing: The Real Connection between Innovation, Wages, and Wealth written by James Bessen. The book examines the impact of technology on paychecks, both historically with the advent of the power loom on weavers in and by analyzing today’s labor markets. Lessons from both eras are applicable to contractors who deploy FIELDBOSS. Highly recommended.

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