Employee Spotlight: Corey Barss

corey-barss-work-headshotThe FIELDBOSS team is made up of many hard working talented individuals with interesting stories to tell. In our Employee Spotlight series, you’ll meet some of these people, learn what they do, and how they keep FIELDBOSS exciting and fun.

This week we shine the spotlight on Corey Barss, a Senior Application Consultant at FIELDBOSS. Corey will celebrate his five-year anniversary at FIELDBOSS in August.

Corey grew up in Bradford, Ontario but currently resides in Toronto. Prior to working at FIELDBOSS he attended Ryerson University and graduated with a bachelor of commerce degree.

When Corey isn’t busy being awesome at implementing FIELDBOSS, he can be found playing rugby for the Balmy Beach Rugby Club in Toronto. He is definitely sports obsessed and loves playing, watching, and reading about the analytics behind each game.

Read on to find out more about Corey.


What do you love most about working at FIELDBOSS?

The thing I like most about working for FIELDBOSS is the ability to be a part of building something from the ground up. I am able to have my opinions, designs and thoughts heard and utilized through the product development lifecycle.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? What is the number one challenge you face in your role?

My current role allows me to start with an idea and see the results of our hard work on the end user. Analyzing a customer’s current business process and developing a solution that can help them work more efficiently and lead a happier work life is an amazing feeling. Being trusted by a business owner to deliver such a solution comes with a lot of pressure but when the final result takes place it makes it all worth it.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

My job allows me the privilege to travel very often. One of the greatest places I have travelled to in San Diego. Sometimes you just go to a certain city or place and connect with the culture right away. For me, that was San Diego; the beaches, laid back lifestyle, weather and of course the endless supplies of breweries may have a part in that as well.

What TV shows/music/apps are you currently obsessed with right now?

I am currently obsessed with podcasts and sports talk radio as I am often working by myself and travelling. When in Toronto I listen to TSN Overdrive every day to get my fix on the Toronto sports scene and am consistently reading sports blogs. I also listen to a variety of podcasts such as TED Radio Hour and Revisionist History to give myself a sports break every once in a while.

If you could have a drink with anyone (fictional, alive, dead, famous, non-famous) who would it be and why?

If I had to choose I suppose it would be Elon Musk. I have been reading a lot on him recently and find his business ventures extremely interesting and think he would be someone worth speaking with.



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When was Your Last Dynamics GP Backup?

Dynamics GPDoes your company have a comprehensive backup system in place? Do you know when your last backup was? If you can’t answer these questions, you could find yourself in trouble. The last thing your business wants is to face a system crash or some form of data corruption without a validated and verified backup system in place. A solid disaster recovery plan will ensure that the risk of losing any business critical data, such as financial information, can be alleviated.

If you want to be confident in knowing you can recover your Dynamics GP data successfully from a systems error or environmental event, make sure that:

  • You have a clear and concise definition of when backups occur, what redundant backups are in place and who is responsible for maintaining the required routines
  • You review your environment and systems to make sure you are taking regular Database and File backups of all the correct data and software, modified files and settings – and these backups are correctly configured.
  • These files are in turn being backed up to an additional device and stored off-site.
  • Testing the access to and obtaining of these off-site backups in a timely fashion is a critical step. When your business is down and you need access to data, time is of the essence.
  • You have scheduled times to check to see that the backup systems are actively running and successful.
  • You periodically try a Test Restore.
  • You have access to all source media and software builds if a re-install is required.

Your Dynamics GP system backup must be a priority. Only then can you be assured that in the event of a systems mishap, you can recover your data in a timely fashion and restore functionality with the least amount of cost, stress, and downtime. Scheduling, restore testing, physical locations, and off-site backups are all things that you should consider when constructing your backup plan.

Contact FIELDBOSS if you have any questions about the quality of your current backup plan or if you would like to discuss developing a backup plan.

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What’s New in the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators in 2017

two machinist worker technicians at work adjusting lift with spanners in elevator hoist wayAccording to the NEII, passengers across the US travel more than 2.55 billion miles on elevators and escalators each year. During that time, eighteen billion elevator trips and 105 billion escalator rides are taken, surpassing both rail and air travel combined.

While these numbers are quite remarkable, think about what it says in relation to elevator and escalator safety. One of the safest forms of transportation in the world, the elevator and escalator industry works relentlessly to advance safety for riders and employees alike. The elevator industry has one of the lowest accident rates of any form of transportation, due in large part to the constant diligence in improving both the equipment itself and the safety codes and standards that govern the industry.

The safety code for elevators and escalators, ASME A17.1/CSA B44, is updated every three years to ensure that the requirements represent the latest safety and technology available. The code sets standards, which govern elevators and escalators on safety across a full range of industry products and applications.

What’s new this year?  With three years between updates, there are always many revisions and additions to the code. In the 2016 edition of the code, several major changes and updates went into effect. To read them all, click here.

As elevator and escalator equipment ages and new technological advances are made, the codes that govern safety are also modified. FIELDBOSS LIFT software can help you to ensure the greatest level of safety for the public and your technicians by keeping you on top of maintenance, inspections, violations and more.

Contact FIELDBOSS for more information.

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How To Attract And Retain Top Millennial Talent In The HVAC Workforce

Technician_kpis_featureMillennials are the single largest demographic in the workforce today, outnumbering generation x and the baby boomers. Millennials, which are defined as individuals in between the ages of 18 and 34, aren’t done their invasion yet. Construction Executive reports that as much as 40% of the millennial generation are still in high school or post-secondary school and have yet to grace the workforce with their presence. So that means the future of the modern workforce involves integrating the habits and methods of young millennials with traditional ways of doing business. This could mean big changes to a few large aspects of how business is typically done.

Millennials are consistently described by their older peers as “good with technology”. This common description is without a doubt grained in some truth; millennials are the first generation to grow up with computers as a common household device rather than a novelty. They are the first generation to really popularize and inhabit online social networks and communities. So when millennials show up for work and see what they perceive as old and out-dated business practices still in place, they are not inclined to stick around.

So how can established HVAC contractors hope to attract and retain top millennial talent going forward? One possible solution is the adoption of technology in all business processes. Millennials intuitively understand and see value in upending old ways of doing things and replacing it with something newer and faster. As a demographic, they are more open to new experiences and less concerned with a conservative attitude towards business processes. If things can be done better using a new process, millennials are inclined to be on board.

This is where FIELDBOSS® enters the picture. FIELDBOSS® is exactly what technologically-inclined millennials prospecting for job opportunities will want to see at HVAC contracting companies. Top millennial talent wants to be assured that the company they decide to work for is doing everything they can to be at the forefront of the industry. That means having a sophisticated, industry-specific software that helps the business run smoothly and efficiently. It means not relying on carbon paper and copying information on clipboards to transfer data. It means having a searchable database of clients and job sites, or being able to view real-time profit on a work order.

Millennials know that the world is changing. They have grown up in a world of rapid technological development and quick change. What would your world view be like if you were in middle school while the iPhone made its debut and you barely remember the time before everyone had the internet on their phones? The key to attracting and retaining the best of the incoming millennials is presenting a business environment that they can work with. And since millennials are only going to become more and more of a prominent force in the workforce, you can expect that this trend will only increase. For more information about FIELDBOSS®, please contact us here.

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Employee Spotlight: Carolyn Berger

cbThe FIELDBOSS team is made up of many hard working talented individuals with interesting stories to tell. In our Employee Spotlight series, you’ll meet some of these people, learn what they do, and how they keep FIELDBOSS exciting and fun.

Carolyn Berger is a native Torontonian and one of the very first FIELDBOSS employees. She currently works as the Manager of Office Administration and has been at the company for over 19 years (WOW!). Prior to working at FIELDBOSS, Carolyn worked as a manager in Fashion and Retail. She had the amazing experience of living in England and Vancouver before settling down in Toronto with her husband and two children.

When Carolyn isn’t busy being awesome at servicing our customers or hosting our happy hour drinks at her beautiful house across from the office, she can be found cooking, baking, playing tennis, and enjoying family movie nights.

Read on to find out more about Carolyn.

What do you love most about working at FIELDBOSS & how long have you been here?

I have been at the company for over 19 years (YIKES!). I love working with the people at FIELDBOSS. And I also love working with our customers. I’ve created many wonderful working relationships with many of our clients over the years – despite having never met face to face.

Where is the best place you’ve travelled to and why?

Israel – aside from the unmatched beauty/ancient and modern history and fascinating people…it’s where I met my husband.

What TV shows/music/apps are you currently obsessed with right now?

Anxiously waiting for the new season of HOC. I also can’t stop listening to Hamilton.

If you could have a drink with anyone (fictional, alive, dead, famous, non-famous) who would it be and why?

My Dad and grandmother. I would love to catch them up on their (great) grandkids. Both have been gone for over a decade.



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Employee Spotlight: Edmond Lopez

el-headshotThe FIELDBOSS team is made up of many hard working talented individuals with interesting stories to tell. In our Employee Spotlight series, you’ll meet some of these people, learn what they do, and how they keep FIELDBOSS exciting and fun.

Edmond Lopez is a Project Manager for the ERP team at FIELDBOSS. Edmond was born in Newmarket, Ontario but has lived in Toronto most of his life. Prior to working at FIELDBOSS, he worked as a Senior Financial Systems Analyst, concentrating on implementation process improvements.

Read on to find out more about Edmond.

What do you love most about working at FIELDBOSS & how long have you been here?

I joined FIELDBOSS in February 2015.  What I love most about working here is working with great people who are both highly intelligent and motivated.  There’s definitely an entrepreneurial spirit within FIELDBOSS that is quite energizing.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? What is the number one challenge you face in your role?

What I enjoy the most is getting to know our clients and understanding their businesses.  I’m always learning something new with each project.  The biggest challenge I face is having to change course on a project when things don’t go according to plan but that goes part in parcel with project management and overcoming these challenges leads to greater successes.

Where is the best place you’ve travelled to and why?

The best place I’ve travelled to is Hawaii for my honeymoon.  Hawaii is just a beautiful, interesting place and it was great to spend some quality time with my wife.

What TV shows/music/apps are you currently obsessed with right now?

I’m not the biggest TV guy but I absolutely cannot miss Raptor games leading up to the playoffs.  Music wise, I’ve lately found myself listening to a lot of 70’s funk for whatever reason.  I also really enjoy listening to the ‘Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe’ podcast because it’s entertaining to listen to people who seem much smarter than I am.

If you could have a drink with anyone (fictional, alive, dead, famous, non-famous) who would it be and why?

I’d honestly love to have a drink with my dad who passed away just about 10 years ago.  It would be great just to have a chat with him again.

What do you like doing in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?

I’m a big sports nut so I enjoy playing various sports.  I’m also a big fan of all of the Toronto sports teams and the Buffalo Bills, so I’m sad most of the time!

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Expected December updates to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Dynamics GPThe next full release of Dynamics GP, GP2018, is targeted to be released in December of 2017. Microsoft has not released too much information about the product features, but here is what we can tell you:

  • There will be optimized Financials and HR/Payroll with even more features
  • Comprehensive document attachment functionality
  • Power “suite” evolution
  • A new and optimized user experience
  • Workflow updates that will be referred to as “Workflow 4.0”

Microsoft’s most recent release, Dynamics GP 2016 R2, meanwhile, is fully cloud enabled with the HTML5 Web Client and offers seamless connections to PowerBI using OData services, along with other improvements over the previous version. We can’t wait to see all the cool new features and functions GP 2018 will bring.

Check back for more information as we learn just how awesome Dynamics GP 2018 will be!

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How Does the R-22 Phase Out Effect You?

r22-logo-phaseoutA recent article on hvac.com talked about a hot topic for HVAC companies these days: the R-22 phase out. The elimination of production of R-22 is now only two years away.  This coolant has been linked to ozone layer damage and is being substituted by more environmentally friendly alternatives.

What does this mean for the HVAC industry and your business?

Supply and demand: The price to repair an R—22 AC has risen as the production of this coolant slows.  By the year 2020, there will be no production of R-22 making the demand for this product completely outweigh the supply. Some contractors are stocking up on the refrigerant at today’s price to ensure they have access to the product and a stable price – until the supply runs out. Availability is becoming an issue. You must have a plan B.

Repair or replace/keep consumers informed: It is up to the contractors to educate their customers on the long-term vs short-term costs so they can make informed decisions on whether investing in a new, more environmentally friendly system would be the best choice.  Replacing the whole system would be more costly than simply repairing it, but consumers must be aware of the environmental issues with R-22, its decreasing supply, and the end of its availability in just a few short years. While reclaimed R-22 refrigerant will still be available, it will be in high demand, and its cost will be high. Ultimately, the R-22 phase out shows the evolution of the HVAC industry. New products are better and safer.

Prospective sales for contractors: The end of R-22 allows for great upselling opportunities.  Customers who are in need of recharges may be persuaded to replace their system with a new, environmentally friendly piece of equipment. Obviously, the R-22 phase out gives contractors a great opportunity to upsell. Walk into a repair; walk out with a new install. Government regulation, supply and demand, and environmental concern support replacement. When you educate your customers about this industry shift, they will recognize the need to follow. It’s not simply upselling, but rather making the move now rather than later.

How is your company responding to the R-22 phase out? How are your customers responding? Are you taking advantage of the opportunity for new system sales, or devising a way to support R-22 demand? Whichever way you decide to go, a comprehensive field service management software offers the resources you need to run a successful contracting/service business. From marketing assistance to increased customer visibility to all the hot leads that will increase your revenue, the right software can be your business toolbox.

Contact FIELDBOSS to learn more.

To read the full article click here: HVAC Blog – Resources, Articles & Tips from the Experts | HVAC.com

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Avoiding a Cash Flow Catastrophe

cashflowThere is no question that a healthy, positive cash flow is essential to your company’s profitability and growth. Inaccurate, late or lost invoicing can seriously put a squeeze on your cash flow and profits. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of your company’s invoicing and billing cycle. The clock for service-to-cash starts ticking the moment the job is done, not when the customer is invoiced. The longer the delay between the service and invoice dates, the greater the cash flow crunch your business will deal with.

So how do you avoid a cash flow catastrophe? Stop relying on inefficient manual or outdated methods. Slash your invoicing and billing time in half by automating your field service processes. Using a comprehensive field service management software that connects the technician with the back office will help you improve and accelerate your invoicing and billing cycle, eliminate unnecessary errors and cut down on unbillable hours.

Here are some tips to improve your invoicing speed & accuracy:

  1. Invoice automation

Automate the work order process to achieve shorter service-to-cash cycles. Empower your techs to record and close work orders in real time while on-site, with the ability to generate invoices on their mobile devices. Your customers can sign-off electronically and approve the work done, parts used and labor time spent. With this information instantly captured in the system, your back office team can issue the invoice to the customer right away. No more time wasted waiting for paperwork or re-entering data.


  1. Access important information in the field

What labor rate does a particular customer pay? Which parts of the job are covered under warranty or service contract? When you equip technicians with instant access to the right customer information in the field, they can create service tickets that speed up, not slow down, the customer approval and billing process. Data can also be auto-populated so your information is consistent every time.


  1. Monitor cash flow

Once you have a system that can track invoices, you can also use it to monitor their statuses and easily track down the ones that are past due.

Long service-to-cash cycles negatively affect your bottom line hampering your ability to grow your business. The easiest way to solve cash flow problems is to get paid as quickly as possible. With the right technology, you can accelerate that cycle and get paid quickly and accurately every time. With a comprehensive field service management software, invoicing is easy, and so is getting paid!

Contact FIELDBOSS for more information.


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The Ups and Downs of Elevator Maintenance

gettyimages_162494716We apologize for the inconvenience: the elevator company has been notified. 

Many of us are seeing signs like this far too often. New statistics show a steady increase in the number of elevator-related 911 calls over the past 15 years, confirming what you may have already suspected – easy access to your upper-level apartment or office is not guaranteed. Aging equipment that is not being maintained is a big part of the problem. While the number of elevators continues to increase, what goes up does not necessarily come down – and there’s not much residents or property owners can do about it.

In Ontario, Canada this has become a crisis. One Ontario Liberal MPP, Han Dong, is on a mission to resolve it.  Dong is introducing a private members bill in which the elevator contractor will be held responsible for fixing outages in a maximum of 14 days; 7 days for long-term care and retirement facilities.  If the contractor does not comply, disciplinary measures will be enforced.  Dong felt moved to take action after being flooded with complaints ranging from entrapments to outages, causing not only inconvenience but also health and safety issues; think seniors or people with mobility issues unable to leave their homes for days on end. The act would also mandate that applications for new building permits include an elevator traffic analysis. This is a common-sense corrective to the obviously deficient current rule: a building of at least seven stories must have at least one elevator.

No matter what city, province, state or country you live in, elevator contractors are responsible for following regulations, maintaining their elevators, and ensuring not only the public’s safety but their employees as well.  A comprehensive elevator management software solution can help your elevator company provide the highest quality preventive maintenance program that will keep you compliant with regulations, keep your customers happy, increase your revenues and keep your elevators moving safely. With automatic alerts to notify you of your maintenance jobs, detailed checklists with tasks, all the historical data of previous work done and parts used, lists of all code required tests, and so much more, your elevator service company will always be organized, efficient and prepared for every maintenance job. With an all-inclusive elevator contractor software solution, implementing these programs has never been easier.

Contact FIELDBOSS and learn how we can help you provide a top-notch PM program.

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