New Release of FieldBoss for HVAC Contractors

HVAC photo CRMIn late November, we will preview the new release of our FieldBoss HVAC software which has been developed on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 platform. With our software you can set up and track HVAC information that is essential for aspects of your business. Contracts, locations, HVAC specifications, inspections, repairs, workflow, parts and labour are all in one place. Identify service requests as covered or not covered. Automatically generate work orders, track and renew contracts into sales opportunities and invoices.

The presentation features a step-by-step demonstration of our new release.

Meet other people in your industry, hear and share examples of your challenges, and enjoy complimentary food and beverages.

For your convenience we are offering this release preview on two dates:

Monday November 25th, 2013 9:30am – 11:30am (Registration begins at 9:00am)
Microsoft Canada – 1950 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga ON
Thursday November 28th, 2013 6:30pm – 8:30pm (Registration begins at 6:00pm)
Rimrock Corporation – 1210 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto ON

*Note: You must RSVP to attend this event.

If you would like to attend please email [email protected] or register here.

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Take Advantage of our New Demo Request Form!

We have now added a simple and short form for you to fill out if you would like to schedule a demo of our FieldBoss Solution. Just click the “Schedule a Demo” link on the FieldBoss Demo widget located on the sidebar of our site and you will be taken to a form.


These questions will help us understand what you need out of a software solution and allow us to prepare more personalized demos.

Go ahead, give it a try!

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Delta Pilots To Recieve 11,000 Microsoft Surface 2 Tablets

Delta Air Lines, Inc. announced it will equip each of their 11,000(+) pilots with Surface 2 electronic flight bag devices operating on Windows RT 8.1. The innovative handheld tablet will give the pilots a much lighter load and the right tools to make their jobs easier while more effective.

Previously, the pilots were required to carry heavy flight bags full of documents, charts, navigational aids, checklists and other key reference materials at all times. With the Surface 2 electronic flight bags, all of this information is stored electronically and easily accessible. Once rolled out to all 11,000 pilots, Delta will see an immediate fuel and cost savings as the cumbersome and heavy paper documents are removed from onboard the Delta aircrafts.

In fact, the airline expects to eliminate the use of 7.5 million sheets of paper annually while reducing carbon emissions by 26 million pounds on 1.2 million fewer gallons of fuel.

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Set your HVAC Company Apart From the Competition

motion-f5v-06It is essential to set up and track all the important information relative to your HVAC businesses. It can be very difficult to organize and track all of your proposals, contracts, locations, specifications, inspections, repairs, workflow, and parts etc. From addressing pricing to understanding which product is the best fit, forms cover a lot of information, which can easily turn a normal service call into an intense sales pitch.

With just a few changes, you can create a positive experience that will set your HVAC company apart from the competition:

1. Mobile Devices, smart phones & tablets: Using a tablet with a form application or our FieldBoss HVAC Solution will allow the customer or contractor to input information quickly. The advanced technology of tablets and apps will give the customer a one-step process without the redundancy. Tablets also introduce a visual element to traditional forms. Zoom in on product features, display product highlights, and turn a 2-dimensional form into an interactive selling experience. With FieldBoss, you can have real time access to all your information even in areas with no reception!

2. Organized Scheduling and Dispatch: Never send the wrong technician with the wrong equipment ever again. With FieldBoss, you can efficiently schedule technicians and equipment with a rules-based scheduling engine that is completely integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Maximize technician utilization by optimizing call routing that can be accessed from a mobile device.

3. Integrate with Accounting: Having your CRM system integrate with your accounting system maximizes your business efficiency. You can finally share your financial data with your sales team. Not only will you be able to view customer information, but connecting with QuickBooks or another popular accounting system, you can also track expenses, create customer reports, and gain insights so you can better forecast. FieldBoss integrates with all popular accounting systems. It also integrates optimally with Microsoft Dynamics GP financial and inventory management so that you can organize, operate, analyze, and manage your business using software from a single vendor, Microsoft.

Implementing a CRM system that was designed specifically for the HVAC industry will really improve efficiency in day to day activates like scheduling and tracking important information. For more information on FieldBoss for HVAC Contactors, please contact us.

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FieldBoss Presenting at the CECA’s Central Region Meeting

CECA-LogoThe Canadian Elevator Contractors Association is hosting their central regional meeting on Thursday October 3, 2013 in Toronto. FieldBoss is looking forward to delivering a presentation to all the attendees. You can register for this event (if you are currently a member of the CECA) by contacting Catherine Bothwell – at [email protected].


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We have arrived in TAMPA, FL for day one of the National Association of Elevator Contractors exposition. It’s starting to get very busy – it looks like there are a lot of companies out there that could really use our FieldBoss solution!

If you’re at the convention this week, be sure to stop by our booth (#1217) to say hello. You will quickly learn all the exciting and useful features of FieldBoss, like:

  • Elevator Tracking
  • Maintenance Contract Management
  • Schedule and Dispatch
  • Modernization Management
  • Integrated Accounting

If you are not at the convention this week but would like more information on FieldBoss for Elevator Contractors, please contact us.

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Dynamics CRM 2013 Price Changes

CRM 2013Microsoft has announced changes to Dynamics CRM pricing, which will be effective for the next release scheduled for October. The cost of some licenses went up, and other license types, which did not exist before, went down from the previous “one price for any user”.

There are now three licensing options and each option will include the ability to access Dynamics CRM via a mobile device at no added cost.

The Professional Level

$65 per user per month, and will let users access the full capabilities of Dynamics CRM.

The Basic Level

$30 per user per month and is aimed at “sales, service and marketing users who need to manage accounts, contacts, leads, cases and access custom applications as well as for business analysts who require reporting capabilities,” according to Microsoft.

The Essential Level

$15 per user per month and is designed for light Dynamics CRM Online users. Users will be able to mix and match between the three licensing levels.

The exact functionality differences between the three options have yet to be released, but we are expecting the new pricing will allow us to offer FieldBoss mobile functionality at a much lower price point. We will post updated pricing shortly after the technical details are released by Microsoft.

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Dynamics GP Online Now Available

windowsazurelogo - newsMicrosoft is now offering its Dynamics GP applications on the Windows Azure cloud. The offering comes six months later than originally promised, but it gives customers a “secure, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure option from a trusted provider,” according to Paul White, senior director, Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics apps have been hosted by third-party partners for years, and those services are still available, but the new Azure option will enable customers to host their deployments in a private cloud on a Windows Azure Virtual Machine. Scale, supporting virtualization and development tools and speed of deployment were all cited as advantages of deploying on Azure. A customer can be up and running on a full system within one hour, whereas this used to take as much as three weeks depending on the state of the client infrastructure.

Azure hosting is strictly offered through Microsoft partners, and not directly through Microsoft. Pricing is based on database size and support required with 6 and 12 month payment plans available.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP or GP online, contact us.

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How to Stack Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Higher than the Rest

Today’s business management solutions can streamline operations and position your business for growth. For example, software that integrates seamlessly is much more powerful than individual, specialty solutions.  Microsoft technology keeps this in mind and helps businesses take it to the next level with their stack of Microsoft Dynamics solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Keep reading here…

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