Elevator Show or Beer Show?

Shows over. It was awesome! Huge interest and lots of follow up to do when we get back home.

Never seen a bar above an elevator machine room before. If there is one thing we learned here, is that elevator people know how to “host”.

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FieldBoss for Elevator Contractors

We have designed workflows and screens within FieldBoss for elevator service contractors that will track elevators by site and location, modernizations, service contracts and more.  We are also members of both the National Association of Elevator Contractors and the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association. Our next stop is Atlantic City where we are exhibiting at United 2012, the gathering of elevator contractors, inspectors and safety authorities.

United 2012 - Field Service Management Systems for Elevator Service Contractors

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We Are FieldBoss

Field Service. Simplified.

That’s what we are all about. Microsoft Dynamics business solutions built for anyone with a team of technicians who every day, go out to service the things that make our world work, on a scheduled or an as needed basis.  We are here to help you do a better job with your customers, and with your staff, in ways that are practical and cost effective. We have a lot of ideas to share and are really excited to get started with our blog so here we go…

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