Ellen Nybida : Project Manager

Susan Bali: Marketing and Sales

Martin Beechener: Product Manager

Saadia Zakki: IT Operations Coordinator

Tamara Hobbs: Senior GP Consultant

Stuart Taub: Development Tester

Natalia Strelbytsky: CHRO

Carolyn Berger: Business Manager

David Alberto: Application Consultant

Joshua Ford: Application Consultant

Raina Kornhauser: Office and Finance Administration

Tim Powers: Director, Engineering and Technology

Jennifer Rhee: COO/CFO

Jeff Winters: Application and Infrastructure Consultant

Corey Barss: Lead Application Consultant


Corry Greenbaum: Content Marketing Specialist

Edwin Poon: Technical Consultant

Jonathan Taub: Company President

Rosela Quebec: Application Specialist


Valentina Li: Controller

Azair Sheikh: ERP Operations and Client Service Manager

          Not Pictured:

Olga Kochsheyeva: Account Manager

Krista Daunheimer: Senior ERP Consultant

Ola Darwish: Senior ERP Consultant

Andrew Glennie: Application Consultant