FIELDBOSS is an end-to-end field service software solution. FIELDBOSS streamlines complex operations and is the easiest way to connect field service contractors to their customers and equipment.


FIELDBOSS Lift Fact Sheet

FIELDBOSS Lift is an end-to-end elevator service software solution. With over 100 elevator specific features and remarkable technological innovations, it is the new standard in elevator contractor management solutions.


FIELDBOSS Accounting – Microsoft Dynamics GP

FIELDBOSS uses Microsoft Dynamics GP to provide customers with a sophisticated accounting experience. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a highly functional, flexible accounting solution that is quick to configure and deploy, easy to use, and provides forward-looking insights to help drive your business growth.



What is Dynamics 365?

Are you ready to cut through all the marketing hype and find out what you really need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Download the new report: “But Really…What is Dynamics 365?” This is our not-too-technical, not-too-salesy guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365.




The Secret to Finding Your Perfect Software Match – White Paper

When selecting a new software partner, making the right choice is critical. Rimrock Corporation coupled with our product, FIELDBOSS, are here to help you make informed decisions and mitigate risks along the way. We can help you navigate the daunting process of finding the right software match for your company.


7 Potential Pitfalls to Avoid When Moving to The Cloud – eBook

When planning a move to the Cloud, choosing the right partner is critical. Rimrock Corporation coupled with our product, FIELDBOSS, are here to help you make informed decisions and mitigate risks along the way. We can help you be aware of and avoid any pitfalls that may present problems on your way to the Cloud.



FIELDBOSS Mobile: 40 Ways To Control The Field – eBook

Whether you are new to FIELDBOSS Mobile, thinking about becoming a client, or you
have already adopted it, this eBook will help you discover all the cool ways (40 ways) that FIELDBOSS Mobile can help you control the field.



10 Ways HVAC Contractors Can Win, Keep and Grow Their Business – eBook

In this eBook we will explore 10 new ways our HVAC customers are growing their businesses and staying competitive. This eBook will help you gain valuable insight into what customers really want and what you can do to exceed their expectations.


6Ways to Improve Communication

6 Ways To Improve Your Field To Office Communication

Mobile field service software creates connections across various roles throughout the company. There are some key connections that form when you have the right tools in place. This tip sheet will explain 6 ways Field Service Software will improve your field to office communication.


Why GO Mobile

Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM

Everyone’s talking about how important it is to implement mobile solutions for your business. But can mobile really make a difference to the bottom line of your business? The answer is YES! This white paper will give you 6 strategic objectives you can conquer with a mobile CRM.