Customer ServiceFIELDBOSS® has extensive customer service functionality including:

  • Complete case activity tracking
  • Automated customer email response
  • Automated technician response
  • Automated or manual service activity assignment
  • Real time case status updates
  • Unresolved case alerts

Convert an Inbound Email into a Case

Convert Email to CaseAn inbound email arrives in your Outlook inbox. By selecting the Track button you are able to automatically link that email to an account or contact in CRM. When you choose to convert the email to a Case, you can decide if it is related to an Account or Contact and then open that new Case automatically.

FIELDBOSS® Case Tracking

FieldBoss Case TrackingOnce a case has been created in FIELDBOSS®, the selected fields will be mapped up from the email to minimize dual data entry and increase information gathering.

Case Workflow

Run Workflow - CaseRun a workflow that will automatically send the customer an email to let them know the case has been opened. FIELDBOSS® takes information from the Case form and updates the related customer record automatically.

Creating an Opportunity from a Case

New Opp FormAn opportunity can be created directly from a case, where a number of fields will map over from the Case – to eliminate duplicate data entry.