FIELDBOSS Lift is an end-to-end elevator service software solution built within Microsoft Dynamics 365. It automates business processes and enables elevator contractors to have fully-integrated and paperless operations in the office and field. FIELDBOSS Lift stops things from falling through the cracks so management can stay focused on growing the business. With 100’s of elevator industry-specific features and technological innovations, it is the new standard in elevator contractor management solutions.

Using FIELDBOSS Lift makes it easier to connect with your customers and their equipment, streamline complex elevator service operations and empower your staff.


Optimized Scheduling and Dispatch

Schedulers can save time and make smarter dispatching decisions when they are connected to the service history, status, and geo-location of their technicians. With complete visibility of the calendar, it takes seconds to figure out who’s available, then schedule, dispatch, and alert a technician to a job. And since many service organizations take and schedule dozens of calls per day, even saving five seconds per call adds up to thousands of dollars per year.

 Maintenance Contract Management

Automated alerts attached to Preventative Maintenance Contracts connect each role in your organization, from the dispatcher who schedules and assigns, to the technician who accepts and closes, to the service manager who approves and invoices. Manage large volumes of complex elevator maintenance contracts while providing real-time tracking of profitability and automated billing functionality. 

Elevator Inventory Management

Track and manage inventory. Keep track of quantities, pricing, and purchasing history of inventory items. Knowing the elevator device service history, equipment type, and problem beforehand gives the technician the opportunity to have the parts and tools ready in advance of the job. Manage alerts, escalations, and workflows to ensure parts are where they need to be: with the right technician at
the right time so your operations run smoothly and
services are performed promptly.

 Mobility in the Field
With the click of a button, elevator technicians can set their position as on route, the job started or job complete. Their time is automatically synced to the back office making payroll a breeze. With mobile capabilities such as time sheet input based on clock-in/clock-out, task status and more, tedious and error-prone time entries are eliminated opening up time for additional work while freeing field professionals from administrative chores. Our newest version, FB Lift 2.8, allows the technician in the field to attribute materials (inventory and non-inventory) directly to the service ticket. Technicians can apply products to the job to ensure accurate job costing. 

Estimating and Quoting

 FIELDBOSS Lift has a sophisticated quoting tool and one integrated estimating process, even for big jobs! Access information on products and costing, including labor hours, right from the quote. The inclusion of gross profit allows management to expand on the analysis and even project cash flows. The estimate is fully integrated with sales to work orders. Overrides of markups and pricing can still be made on the estimate, but there is the ability for management to see them online in real-time along with the impact on profit and decide to approve or not.

Work Order Management

FIELDBOSS Lift automatically creates a work order from the completed quote and it serves as a data collection point for all materials, time and related costs. Manage work order profitability up to the minute with variance calculations against an estimate, allocate labour costs across departments, and update the work order in real-time from a mobile device.  

Modernization and Project Tracking

FIELDBOSS Lift has comprehensive modernization and project management functionality to ensure on time and on budget delivery. Complex and lengthy jobs are made more manageable and everyone who needs visibility into progress can access information on a moment’s notice. Do not miss a deadline, an opportunity to bill your client or a critical step needed to complete the project.

Configurable Checklists for Maintenance Tasks

New to FIELDBOSS Lift, the service task configurator makes it possible to create customized and automated electronic checklists in the office, which are then synchronized to the technician’s mobile device. This way the technician can follow and document prescribed maintenance or service procedures including the performance of tests and collection of data while on-site and automatically send it back to the office or the customer. 

Violation Management 

FIELDBOSS Lift 2.5 introduces violation management configurable by jurisdiction. Users can now create open violation tasks and defects while managing critical dates, defect responsibility and monitor the remediation to completion. Create a quote right off the form for a repair or fix and purchase the parts right off the work order. Automatically invoice the work order once the work is completed.

Field Request Management

Technicians use our new Field Request Entity to communicate with the head office for all common situations including parts requests, requests for quotes for some new work for a customer, scheduling changes etc.

Simplified After-Hours Tracking

With FIELDBOSS Lift, technicians have the ability to perform work after regular working hours on their mobile device. They can see the detailed location and device information, enter their time, diagnose issues and submit the after-hours work ticket to the office in real time.

Billing Automation 

FIELDBOSS Lift includes a variety of enhancements to automate billing so that it is efficient, on time, and fully complete. It is very flexible and can easily process and adapt to unique billing requirements in bulk without the need to adjust each individual invoice. 


Progress Billing

New to FIELDBOSS Lift, Progress Billing allows users to create milestones and bill for multiple milestones per invoice. It is now possible to create a ‘draft’ schedule of values for contractors and architects to approve prior to developing an invoice, permitting multiple adjustments before posting. This new feature also allows customers to see the history to date on a Project by each Request for Payment.

NYC DOB Connection

For our New York City Elevator contractors, users can now click on pre-populated NYC Department of Building’s URLs and easily access information about the building and each elevator/device – all from FB Lift. This functionality can also be configured for contractors in other cities with the same requirement.



FIELDBOSS is a proud member of NAEC, CECA & ECNY. We have studied elevator industry trends, participated in association meetings, and partnered with our elevator customers to develop and enhance our software to meet your unique business needs.

NAEC Logo The National Association of Elevator Contractors

CECA-Logo The Canadian Elevator Contractors Association

ECNY The Elevator Conference of New York