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FIELDBOSS® has configurable equipment tracking by equipment type.

Give technicians in the field and staff in the office all the collective knowledge regarding the equipment you service and work with every day.

Fields can be configured for every part you need to track for reporting, billing, and repairing purposes.

Elevator Equipment Tracking

Elevator Hoist-Doors 2Detailed elevator tracking – over 100 data points including:
– Machinery
– Hoistway
– Doors


Elevator Cabs-Fixtures-Notes 2 Cabs
– Fixtures
– Maintenance control program tracking changes to elevator information from office or filed is updated exposed in real time.

HVAC Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking - HVACSet up and track HVAC information that is essential for your business. Contracts, locations, HVAC, specifications, inspections, repairs, workflow, parts and labour all in one place.


Refrigerant, Health, and Safety Tracking

Refrigerant+Health&Safety - HVACTrack leaks and report refrigerant use including date and time of service. Set up and track work area assessment, job hazard assessment, personal protection, and safety environmental issues for each of your service activities and requests.