FIELDBOSS Contractor is an end-to-end HVAC service software solution built within Microsoft Dynamics 365. It automates business processes to reduce back-office turnaround time, cut paperwork, and stop things from falling through the cracks; so customers can stay focused on growing their HVAC business. 

The usability of the system (because it is built off Microsoft technologies) simplifies user adoption because the functionality is similar to Windows, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and other common products for office employees.

Using FIELDBOSS Contractor makes it easier to connect with your customers and their equipment, streamline complex HVAC service operations and empower your staff.


Optimized Scheduling and Dispatch

Schedulers can save time and make smarter dispatching decisions when they are connected to the service history, status, and geo-location of their HVAC technicians. With complete visibility of the calendar, it takes seconds to figure out who’s available, then schedule, dispatch, and alert a technician to a job. And since many HVAC service organizations take and schedule dozens of calls per day, even saving five seconds per call adds up to thousands of dollars per year.

 Maintenance Contract Management

Manage large volumes of complex HVAC maintenance contracts while providing real-time tracking of profitability and automated billing functionality.  Visibility and immediate access to accurate maintenance contract information not only drives billing velocity, it also empowers your field service teams to identify new sales opportunities that proactively drive customer’s satisfaction and additional revenue.

HVAC Inventory Management

The ability to know the HVAC service history, equipment type, and problem beforehand gives the technician the opportunity to have the parts and tools ready in advance of the job. Manage alerts, escalations, and workflows to ensure parts are where they need to be: with the right technician at
the right time so your operations run smoothly and
services are performed promptly.

 Mobility in the Field

With technicians located at countless types of job sites, it is vital to have a mobile app like FIELDBOSS Contractor
 that allows you to manage inspections, work orders, and signatures even when there isn’t a data connection. Whether online or off, technicians will have the most up to date information while in the field to be able to fix issues. The rapid change in work orders, part specs, and customer needs demands that data be refreshed frequently and made readily available so techs can be experts in the field.


Estimating and Quoting

 FIELDBOSS Contractor has a sophisticated quoting tool and one integrated estimating process. Access information on products and costing, including labor hours, right from the quote. The inclusion of gross profit allows management to expand on the analysis and even project cash flows. The estimate is fully integrated with sales to work orders. Overrides of markups and pricing can still be made on the estimate, but there is the ability for management to see them online in real-time along with the impact on profit and decide to approve or not.

Work Order Management

FIELDBOSS Contractor automatically creates a work order from the completed quote and it serves as a data collection point for all materials, time and related costs. Manage work order profitability up to the minute with variance calculations against an estimate, allocate labour costs across departments, and update the work order in real-time from a mobile device.  

Construction and Project Tracking

FIELDBOSS Contractor has comprehensive project management functionality to ensure on time and on budget delivery. Complex and lengthy jobs are made more manageable and everyone who needs visibility into progress can access information on a moment’s notice. Never miss a deadline, an opportunity to bill your client or a critical step needed to complete the project.

Configurable Checklists for HVAC Maintenance Tasks

Today, contractors use paper-based checklists to record maintenance or service work in the field. With our HVAC Service Task Configurator, it is possible to create customized and automated checklists in the office which are then synched to the mobile device so techs can follow and document procedures or collect data while on-site. The checklists walk your techs through specific processes and make sure that the job is done completely and accurately. Uses include maintenance procedures and Government mandated checks, such as health and safety procedures. 

Visibility and Business Intelligence

With FIELDBOSS Contractor, once you collect the information you want to analyze, service dashboards display it in easy to read, real-time charts and graphs. Being able to link operational and financial modules offers an opportunity to have detailed visibility into both your processes and profitability. With increased transparency comes the ability to identify and target moneymaking opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed and unaddressed.