Not too long ago, being away from the office meant a complete information blackout. That’s not the case anymore. The FIELDBOSS Field Service Mobile App offers infinite possibilities to take your business on the road. In fact, it will change the way you work. It will boost productivity, improve data quality, increase communication and help make sure that being out of the office doesn’t mean being out of the loop. With the FIELDBOSS Field Service Mobile App, your teams are always prepared, connected and highly productive.




Access Equipment Information, Service History, and Documents from the Field

With FIELDBOSS Mobile, you will have access to the information you need all the time. From your mobile device, access equipment location, parking, and access codes as well as specification documents and service activity history. With FIELDBOSS Mobile you can always be connected to the information you need for every service call. You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it!




Never Fill Out a Time Sheet Again

Field staff inputs the status of their service calls as they move through their day. Record all aspects of a service call including time spent on site, parts used and follow up tasks for you or your co-workers. This eliminates the need to fill out time sheets or travel to the office to complete paperwork. The FIELDBOSS Mobile App also allows users to efficiently track time and work performed in the field on their mobile device using simple clock in-out buttons and provide real-time tracking of data and a paperless process for billing and payroll. 


View All Active Locations on a Map


Want to see all your active sites in one quick view by location? 
With FIELDBOSS Mobile you can easily view all locations on a map to create the most efficient route for maintenance or to simply drill down and see more information about each location.







Schedule with Confidence 

Technicians can update their status so dispatchers see their availability and skill set (technical knowledge, certifications, and training) and know the right person to schedule for each job. Technicians receive job details, addresses, and service information on their mobile device and, with integrated mapping, always know the quickest way to the job site. Since many service organizations receive dozens of calls per day, saving as little as five seconds per call adds up to thousands of dollars per year.





 Automate your Maintenance Checklists 


Replace paper-based checklists for maintenance and service work with customized mobile automated checklists. FIELDBOSS Mobile empowers you to drive the standardization of processes and procedures across the whole organization. This way the technician can follow and document prescribed maintenance or service procedures including the performance of tests and collection of data while on-site and automatically send it back to the office or the customer. 







 No Signal? No Problem. Work Offline with the FIELDBOSS Mobile App

With technicians located at countless types of job sites, it is vital to have a mobile app like FIELDBOSS that allows them to manage inspections, work orders, and signatures even when there isn’t a data connection. Whether online or off, technicians will have the most up to date information while in the field to be able to fix issues. The rapid change in work orders, part specs, and customer needs demands that data be refreshed frequently and made readily available so techs can be experts in the field.


Stop Wondering Where your Techs Are 

Ever wonder whether your techs were actually where they said they were? Capture their geolocation every time they update their status, sync their device or create a record to easily view and verify their location. FIELDBOSS Mobile provides a comprehensive audit trail of your technician’s location and data entry activities so you never have to wonder again. The ability to audit and monitor time reports can also help reduce incidents of falsely reported overtime.


Turn your Techs into Sales People 

Often technicians find themselves at a job when a customer approaches and asks for a quote on a new job or a new piece of equipment that needs service. FIELDBOSS Mobile enables your field techs to communicate sales opportunities right on their mobile device. With a click of a button, a new field request can be created and sent off to the sales team for immediate follow-up. Don’t throw away money that’s already in your pocket with lost paperwork, forgotten emails, and missed opportunities. With a powerful, cohesive mobile tool your team can turn quotes around in minutes instead of days.